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“People who wade into discomfort and vulnerability and tell the truth about their stories are the real badasses.” Brene Brown

20th May 2022

Wow… I can hardly believe it’s just over two years since I started to write my blog ‘We Are All Disabled’. It’s certainly been an exciting journey since then!

Writing a blog and putting myself out in the public eye and on social media has been challenging for me. I come from an academic background where previously everything I wrote about was evidence based. However because I am passionate about changing perceptions of disability I soon came to realise that it was important for me to share my own personal experiences of disability .

Whilst academic research is important, I believe our lived experiences are equally vital in the pursuit of real and positive change to perceptions of disability. For me I wasn’t used to writing about myself and at first I honestly wondered why would anybody be interested in me?! My fears were soon put to rest by the incredible support and enthusiastic responses I’ve had to my blog posts. I’m so pleased that it’s made such a big impact and encouraged people to think differently about disability.

Since starting the blog, We Are All Disabled has developed into a movement to explore, challenge and change perceptions of disability and we were delighted to be awarded CIC status in July last year.

Our aim is to create safe and supportive spaces for people to share their experiences and talk about issues that they may find difficult or uncomfortable in order to educate and inspire each other.

The philosophy of We Are All Disabled in that everyone has something that is potentially disabling. I have met so many people on this journey so far and I’m always amazed by what they are willing to share about their own experiences.

For example one person described their struggle with mental health and how their anxiety prevents them from leaving the house some days. Another shared how they became temporarily disabled when they broke their arm and found it incredibly challenging to have to ask for help.

It’s incredibly powerful and moving when people are so open and honest about their personal experiences of disability. We are dedicating an area of the We Are All Disabled website for people to share their stories in the hope that it will educate, support and inspire others.

We are looking for people who would be willing to share their lived experiences of disability, whatever they may be. It may be that you have had a disability since birth, you have an acquired disability, you have been temporarily disabled or you assist a disabled person.

You can tell your story in any format that you feel comfortable with. This could be written, your own video or a recorded interview with me.
If you’re interested in contributing please get in touch… I’d love to hear from you!

Photo by Reuban Juarez on Unsplash

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